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I have had four personal encounters thanks to AFF! All were great but one really was outstanding! A female member was moving from my hometown and wanted to meet for fun before she left. Upon arriving at her home I was greeted by her girlfriend, and her husband. They invited me in, we had drinks, small talk, then another female showed up. No lie! After her arrival the party started!!! I have had a blowjob from 2 women but never 3, man it was great! Three heads in your lap passing your cock around like candy makes you feel like king of the world! Her husband and I did a DP on his wife while the other women had fun together. Then we switched partners back and forth for a while. I was hitting one doggy style when her friend licked my balls, (WOW) not much to say after that! By the way, all three had great tasting pussies, and loved to moan and verbalize. Then to top it off all three swallowed! It was a great time for all, and I owe it to Adult
Friend Finder! Looking forward to more encounters. I'll keep you posted.
Later, Merc
In March of 2007 I decided to relocate to California from Arkansas. I was a gold member on AFF, with the handle 'sexybiker24 and it was about 6 months before my move and decided it would be great to meet some ladies in my soon to be new home. The day I searched the first profile that came up was 'thisgirlforfun.' She was very attractive, that was what caught my eye first. I read her profile and thought she was a class or two over me, we were a perfect match according to AFF, except the distance, however I continued to search. I sent letters to four or five other ladies, as I was signing off I looked at 'this girl for fun' profile one more time and thought what the hell, so I sent her an email. The next day I had only one reply and it was 'thisgirlforfun'! We began communicating by e-mail. We got to know each other's sexual desires as well as each other's families and careers. She was a VP and I thought way out of my league. Then after a few weeks of writing, we decided on the same night we wanted to hear each other's voice so I called her. It was then we knew we had to meet, so I arranged for her to fly to Arkansas and meet. We hit it off almost immediately, there was a moment or two at the airport with the feeling of uh-oh what have I done. We spent an enchanting four days together, wrapped in an erotic fantasy that was out of this world. I had planned on showing her the sites of NW Arkansas, but we went one place and then spent the next three and a half days in bed. When I moved to California in August we continued to spend a lot of time together. She was my tour guide, which is what I said I wanted in my letters. In November we moved in together and then in 2009 we got married on the beach. We make love every day, and twice on Sundays. We are a sexual match, she is erotic and sensual in every way you can imagine, she is my soul mate. We are expanding our eroticism by meeting other couples on AFF. Looking to expand our already fanfuckingtastic sex life. We enjoy telling friends how we met, right away they think it was a vanilla dating site, we like seeing their facial expressions when we tell them it was Thank you AFF for allowing us to meet from 1700 miles away! Mike & Kim
"WOW, what a site! After realizing how to take some good pictures-- and of course, use my brain (LOL)-- to make a good profile, I was able to really impress couples as well as single women. The rest was history. :) Adult FriendFinder is truly worldwide and then only site that has worked for me and most people I have met with and known as friends here. Worth the money ten times over! Hope to hear from everyone soon!
~cplluvr69 Adultfriendfinder is the place. I often respond to ads at the end of the week and can almost always count on having girlfriend or piece of ass for the weekend. The train ride into work is so long but it gives me time to make my other connections. As the day goes on, I check back at messages. So far, I've had several girlfriends. The girl I'm seeing now I've been with for the last two months. And it's still going strong.
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